About Our Logo


Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice logo

The logo for the Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice, portraying the dream of the mission and mandate of MCEJ, consists of an image of planet Earth as viewed from space, without borders or boundaries, depicting the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all creation.   This image of the oneness of all creation which first touched and inspired astronauts in outer space with such power that some reported it changed their deepest feelings and attitudes now inspires and motivates us in our work for ecology and justice.  The Mercy Cross with its rays of energy encompassing the planet speaks to us of the oneness envisioned by Catherine McAuley as she went about bridging gaps – connecting the rich with the poor.  In today’s world there is little doubt that Catherine’s vision would be extended to cosmic justice – connecting the oneness of all creation both human and other than human in an evolving community of life with the struggle for a more just social order for all.

“Give us new eyes to see how we are all connected – people, animals, plants and the earth itself.”