Ongoing Programs


Flowers planted in old shoes! Summer Camp 2013

The Mercy Centre sponsors summer day camps for children. Through art, song, and other creative experiences, e.g. observing and listening to nature, planting seeds and seedlings, nature walks, scavenger hunts and field trips, as well as videos and games, children will gain a greater awareness of themselves as part of creation and of all creation as part of them.


The Summer Environmental Camp: This program encourages children to develop a deeper awareness that they are part of creation and that creation is part of them.   A different theme is presented each day and children are always excited to hear the messages received in the early morning from the singing of birds, the gentle breeze or the sight of the waving branches of a tree calling for their attention. The program is also directed toward furthering the development of a stronger sense of the needed care, respect, love and protection for nature. They become more aware of the energy of the stars in the pattern of the flowering plants in the vegetable garden, in the blossoms of an apple trees or in the pulse of their veins and their heart beat.


Preparing the garden for planting – Summer Camp








Garden Project: The organic vegetable garden grounds us in our vision.

The students who come from the Association for New Canadians Language School appreciate the healing benefits and the peaceful energy that nature offers while they work the garden. They are grateful to celebrate the blessing of the land in preparation for planting and to celebrate the fruit of their work in the harvest fest and delight in sharing the healthy produce with the other families at the school.


The Ten Thousand Villages Sale: The Ten Thousand Villages Sale, sponsored annually by MCEJ, promotes fair trade as opposed to free trade. The products which are brought into the country through Ten Thousand Villages, are handmade, often from recycled materials, and come from approximately 40 countries in the developing world. This is another way of raising a new consciousness for the well being of the planet and for the well being of the people who suffer most as a result of climate change although they are the least responsible for it.

See below for The Ten Thousand Villages NTV Broadcast that happened on Nov/25/2016.


Solstice and Equinox Celebrations: Solstice occurs twice a year to celebrate the longest day of the year around June 21st and the shortest day around December 21.   Equinox also occurs twice a year to celebrate the equal amounts of sunlight in both hemispheres.   

These celebrations are marked with songs, music and reflections followed by a comfortable cup of tea and snacks.

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“We ask that we may be humble and gracious enough to make room and care for other individuals, different points of view, companion species and our physical environment.”